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REACH Depression & Bipolar Wellbeing Program


The REACH Wellbeing Group Program was designed by Black Dog Institute to provide individuals who have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder with strategies to manage their illness and stay well. The program consists of 9 weekly workshops facilitated by our trained Psychologist Tony Georginis. Each workshop is 2 hours and delivered in a group of up to 10 participants. 


Starlight Psychology is now accepting registrations for individuals over age 18 who have lived with a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder for at least one year. The program is scheduled across 9 weeks either during Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings. 


Register Early to allow suitability screening interview prior to program commencement. There are a limited number of places available. 


To enquire or register for upcoming Program Workshops

Call 1300 855 893 or email info@starlightpsychology.com.au with your full name and contact number



Program Topics & Structure



  • Fostering strengths
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Identifying early warning signs and triggers
  • Nurturing support networks
  • Wellbeing Strategies
  • Creating a unique "Wellbeing Plan"


Workshop Structure:


During each workshop, participants will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness and expressive writing exercises and share something in a facilitated group discussion. Then after a short break, our program Facilitator will lead the group through discussions and activities about a particular topic. By the end of the 9 Weeks Program, each participant will have created their own unique "Wellbeing Plan" to take home.



Benefits of REACH Program

  • Gain practical skills and advice - such as how to draw up and stick to a treatment plan
  • Gain new coping strategies - share your solutions and learn from others' experiences
  • Offer a place to sound off about frustrations of living with a mood disorder
  • Strengthen your motivation to positive change and stick with a "Wellbeing Plan" and stay well


Eligibility Criteria for Participants

  • Age 18 years and over
  • Diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder for minimum one year
  • Able to participate in a group setting
  • Commit to attend 9 weekly 2hrs sessions
  • Accept the illness
  • Motivated to implement "wellbeing" strategies and changes


Application Screening Interview


After receiving your expression of interest, you will be contacted by us to answer some questions to determine your suitability for the REACH Program. The screening interview will take approximately 20-30 minutes either by face-to-face meeting at our practice or over the phone at no cost to you. 


If your application is successful, we will email you a "Welcome Letter" which includes information on program workshop dates, time and location; and program structure overview and a short Pre-Survey questionnaire to complete and bring with you to the first workshop.



Fees and Rebates


Contact us on 1300 855 893 to find out if you are eligible to receive Medicare rebate of $22 per session for up to 10 group sessions per calendar year in addition to 10 individual sessions (subject to eligibility).


The cost of the program includes all course materials, room hire and light refreshments during each workshop. Fee is non-refundable and full payment is required before program commencement. We accept cash. debit card from savings/cheque, VISA card, Mastercard and American Express card. 





Can I participate the REACH program if I am already attending a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist elsewhere?

Yes, the REACH program is a useful way to compliment your treatment, obtain more strategies to manage your illness and wellbeing, and share the experience of living with depression or bipolar disorder.



Is the REACH program a support group program?

No, the REACH Wellbeing Group Program is a psycho-educational program rather than a therapeutic program. The facilitatos are guiding a group through activities and facilitating discussions rather than operating in a therapist role during the REACH sessions.



What is the maximum number of people for each REAH Program?

Maximum number of people for each REACH Program is 10.



What if I need additional support during or after completing the REACH program?

Whilst the program is designed for group discussions and activities, our facilitator understands that individual issues can arise at any time and he cannot offer individual support during the group workshops, however you can arrange a private individual counselling session with Tony Georginis between workshops or after completing the program, or he can assist in referring you to another Psychologist.



What happens when I miss a workshop?

The REACH Program is a group activities based workshops where participants learn skills and achieve their goals by attending each workshop. The screening interview also determine your ability and commitment to attend ALL workshops before program commencment. We understand that sometimes due to work or family commitments, it is difficult to attend all workshops and we make allowance to miss only ONE workshop. To minimise the impact on the dynamic of each group, we do not move people between groups because of unsuitable time.



What are the guidelines set for the group?

Prior to program commencement, you will receive REACH Participant Agreement which outline the guidelines and group rules set by Black Dog Institute. We expect all participants to adhere to rules related to confidentiality and actively participate in activities and discussions as required. Our Facilitator has many experiences in delivering group therapy and sessions and will ensure participants are given opportunities to share their experiences and achieve their goals in attending the program.



If you have any further questions regarding the REACH Program, please call 1300 855 893.