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SuccessAssessments for Recruitment & Staff Development


Using scientific knowledge to empower your people and your business. The expert team at Starlight Psychology can apply scientific methods to assist your recruitment and staff development needs in a range of innovative ways. By using proven methods of psychological analysis gained through intellectual, emotional, skills, ability and behavioural tests, we're providing organisations with a competitive means to recruit effectively and make the most from their existing talent. 



We can help you to:

  • Reduce time to hire staff
  • Assess ability (can they do the job) with personality/values (will they do the job)
  • Identify the key attributes critical for successful performance and employ with confidence
  • Gain insight into existing employees
  • Identify and develop real talent
  • Manage succession planning
  • Improve staff engagement & satisfaction to reach and perform to their full potential
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Link assessments to desired business outcomes


We have access to over 1,000 psychometric tests available both online and face-to-face, we have the expertise to create custom solutions for your business and test the following key areas:

  • Cognitive Ability / Intellectual - also known as aptitude tests accurately measure work-related cognitive capacity - whether or not a candidate has the intellectual capacity to perform in the job.
  • Behavioural - temperament (or personality) testing provides a clear understanding how candidates might perform under pressure, how they relate to others, their style of collaboration, ability to think intuitively or ojectively, and their ability to show self-control or be flexible. 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) - our EI reports on the way we think, feel and act. Research shows that people with high EI tend to communicate better, are better equipped at perceiving, using and understanding their own emotions as well as those of others are generally more collaborative and less likely to engage in risky behaviours.
  • Skills Testing - we offer a range of assessments designed to test a candidate's current level of knowledge and skills in a particular field which gives you an understanding of whether or not the candidate has the ability to meet the technical needs of the role.

Benefits of using Psychometric Assessments for Recruiting & Retaining Staff


Our pre-employment psychometric testing is the key to recruiting and retaining high quality staff. Such assessments of prospective employees can identify and measure a range of intellectual and emotional qualities, including temperament, aptitude, initiative, adaptability, integrity, drive, ability to learn new skills and to cope under pressure as well as cognitive ability. These tests provide valuable measures and insight into the competencies and behavioural qualities of potential candidates. Common tests are Skills/Abilities, EQI and Temperament/Behavioural. 



Benefits of using Psychometric Assessments for Staff Development


Recent research has identified a key link brtween employee engagement and business performance. Understanding how to better satisfy your employees, while maximising their contribution to your organisation, is key to their growth as an employee and to your growth as a business. Our assessment tools will enable you to identify your employee strengths, allowing you to build mutually successful staff development plans. We can help you to better align your employee's responsibilties with their proven strengths, creating a more efficient and productive work environment, as well as keeping your staff engaged and fulfilled. Some of the tests are 360º Assessment, Temperament and EQI. 

How We Do It:



Face to Face and Online Psychometric Assessments

Our Gobal Online Talent Assessment platform makes it easy to quickly and effectively assess potential candidates, regardless of their location. We can rapidly determine most suitable candidates, and maximise the pool of appropriate talent for you to explore. The assessments are easy to administer and can be conducted on online with 24/7 Starlight support. 



Staff Placement Solutions

Our skills and ability testing across a wide range of industries and technical abilties enables us to assist you with the effective recruitment and development of staff.



Results Analysis

We can provide clear and beneficial data analysis, empowering your decision makers with quantifiable data and performance measures to make informed recruitment and management decisions.



Strategic Staff Development

Using the employee insights and measures gained from our comprehensive testing, we are able to assist with the development of placement and performance enhancing strategies, to ensure your gaining the most from your employees.



By using our Starlight's expert psychometric profiling and analysis, we can help you recruit the right staff and improve your staff retention rates and minimize the costs of hiring. Contact Us today to discuss your organisation's unique requirements and how we can package an entire solution.