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My Health Collective

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OutplacementOutplacement Services



Our Outplacement Services provide qualified psychological and practical assistance such as expert mentoring and career coaching to help employers and their employees when the time (or need) comes for staff to move on.



In the current marketplace, there is an increasing need to develop the necessary skills that allow us to adapt and come to terms with an ever-changing professional landscape. Starlight Psychology is highly experienced in implementing, managing and delivering Career Transitioning programs. We have extensive experience and professional networks within a wide range of industries that can help your outgoing staff to make a successful career transition.


Starlight's professional Psychology and HR Staff can provide expert mentoring and career coaching - able to address both the emotional and practical needs of a transitioning employee thus providing Complete Solutions for Employee Management and Movement.


By working closely with your staff, we are able to produce a mutual success strategy, personalised actiona and developmental plan, alongside a supportive and encouraging platform aimed at self-direction, empowerment and motivation.


Our program is specifically designed to help each and every participant to manage and complete his or her career campaign by:


  • Identifying and classifying goals, ideal job preferences, by completing a career reality evaluation
  • Development of skills in preparation for campaigns, including a personalised marketing strategy, forming a unique network strategy, developing a set of tools including letters, personal profile and resume
  • Implementing a checklist of the individual campaign to keep on track, including comparing and evaluation progress of action plan as well as employer responses leading to acceptance of the job

What we offer


We help participants through their transition by providing them with an extensive range of services and pracitcal support including:

  • A tailored industry approach with differentiation between blue-collar and executive transitioning employee
  • Guidance in managing recruitment agencies and search firms
  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • Tailored Resume Building
  • Group Workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Financial awareness workshops and personalised services



How we do it


We guide and support participants through a program that has a proven success rate, and which encompasses the following elements to help them transition to their new careers.  

  • Personalised individual coaching
  • Career planning and professional development programs
  • Accelerated interview coaching using a structured Interview Guide System
  • Personal and professional development - building on experience and competence with new and additional knowledge and skills
  • Capability profile through skills evaluation, competency and accomplishments definition
  • Structured project planning
  • Unique activity manager to assist job search activities
  • Focus Groups, workshops and seminars focusing on maxmising skill development, providing research, insights into industry expert advice on current and future trends that cna assist in the informed decision making process of the career planning
  • Opportunity to liaise with our Alliance Partners in the recruitment industry
  • Transferrable skills identification
  • Personality Profiling
  • Interview techniques via simulations


With Starlight's Outplacement Services, we can provide professional assistance needed to ensure a positive result is achieved for all during times of career transition. Contact Us now to discuss your organisation's unique requirements and how we can package an entire solution.