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Benefits of Psychometric Assessments


Our research and development team of professionals have invested in a range of powerful evidence-based Psychometric Assessments that can substantially aid progress in therapy, aid recruitment and selection of new staff, improve career prospects and relationships, and identify issues that need to be addressed; and assist with making decisions during recruitment and selection of new staff member.


Psychometric assessments can provide invaluable tools that aid understanding and decision-making, which has benefits for both individuals and organsations. Clinical tests can objectively assess a client’s development within specific contexts, providing measures for learning and cognitive skills, or insights into personality, motivation, attitude and aptitude, and psychological issues and environmental stresses.


Psychological tests can allow the direct targeting of areas of concern and show where effort might best be applied to hone often-latent abilities, develop new and utilize new strengths and compensate for weaknesses. We have access to virtually thousands or assessment tools currently available locally and internationally. Our team of psychologists will assess your testing and assessment requirements and recommend the best assessment aligned with your individual or business needs and budget.


We offer Psychometric Assessments for:

Child IQ & Developmental Tests

We have a range of test materials that point to any learning difficulties or other areas of concern in children, indicating any need for early intervention.


Cognitive (Aptitude) Ability

Aptitude tests are designed to measure work-related cognitive capacity – whether or not a candidate has the intellectual capacity to perform in their job. Cognitive ability tests are a very dynamic predictor of future work performance as they are able to test a candidate’s ability to respond to situations to “think on their feet” and to ascertain whether or not they are capable of acquiring new skills, processing new information and applying strategic thinking when problem solving.


This type of ability is factual and is directly linked to past experiences, maturity, accumulated knowledge and understanding. Starlight Psychology has access to a range of aptitude tests that measure difference aspects of intelligence, with the most common tests measuring verbal, numerical, mechanical and abstract reasoning.


Behavioural (Temperament)

Temperament (or personality) testing provides a clear understanding of an individual’s behavioural pattern, opinions, beliefs and motivators. This type of testing can reveal how they might perform when under pressure, how they relate to others, and their style of collaboration, ability to think intuitively or objectively, and their ability to show self-control or be flexible.


An individual’s temperament will affect their ability to succeed in a role and within an organisation. The importance of matching the correct candidate with the desired temperament to the right role is of paramount importance in creating and maintaining a productive team and work culture.


Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) affects the way we think, feel and act. The influence of our EI has over our priorities, choices and willingness to learn is significant with some experts claiming that our EI could be responsible for as much as 80% of our success.


Research demonstrates that people with a high EI tend to communicate better, are better equipped at perceiving, using and understanding their own emotions as well as those of others, are generally more agreeable and open and are less likely to engage in risky behaviours such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse and violence.


As an employer, there are clear benefits to understanding your future employee’s EI. It can be the difference between a successful or a risky hire – the latter having the potential for dire consequences. Many of our clients use our globally renowned Emotional Intelligence testing as part of the assessment stage for their final shortlisted candidates as well as for existing leaders. It can help you assess how the candidate is likely to handle the job – their interactions with others and their decision-making abilities – and can be key to a successful hire or promotion.


Skills Testing

We offer a range of assessments designed to test the skills of candidates. Skills testing refers specifically to a means of assessing a candidate’s current level of knowledge and skill in a particular field, which gives you an understanding of whether or not the candidate has the ability to meet the technical needs of the role.


Starlight Psychology has a number of assessments available that tests core skills and competencies across various industries. With our assessment, you can be confident that you are selecting someone with the capacity to perform the role.


Pre-employment & Staff Development

The expert team at Starlight Psychology is applying scientific methods in a range of innovative ways. By using a proven methods of psychological analysis gained through a range of intellectual, emotional, skills and behavioural tests, we’re providing organisations with a competitive means to recruit effectively and make the most from their existing talent.


Starlight Psychology will seamlessly partner with your management or HR team to conduct diagnostic assessments, to successfully orchestrate key organisational and structural changes and to assist with the development of existing and emerging leaders.


With valuable insight into your current and future employees’ strengths and weakness, we can help you ensure that your employees and your organisation reach their full potential. We have a wide range of pre-employment assessments and staff development assessments.


With Starlight Psychometric Assessments you can:

  • Improve staff satisfaction
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Gain insight into existing employees
  • Identify and develop real talent
  • Set tailored KPI’s
  • Employ with confidence

With access to over 1,000 psychometric tests, we have the resources to create custom solutions for you or your business.


Contact Us now to discuss your tailored solutions.